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Ululab - Slice Fractions 2  artwork Slice Fractions 2
Genre: Education
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: January 8, 2018

The sequel to the acclaimed and multi award-winning game Slice Fractions – Best of 2014 and Editor’s choice of the Apple Store.

Help Mammoth get his stolen hat back with the support of new creatures that move, multiply and reveal hidden fractions. Embark on a surprising journey in this puzzle game designed for children 6-12-year-old.

• Learn fraction concepts without words
• Experience an activity designed with researchers at a Canadian university (UQAM)
• Solve over 100 unique physics puzzles in 3 colorful worlds
• Find and collect friendly pets that follow you in your adventure
• Play in a safe, digital environment: no ads or in-app purchases

• A UQAM study has shown the original Slice Fractions significantly improved students performances by +10,5% on the standard test “Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study” (TIMSS) after only 3 hours of gameplay
• An approach based on visual representations and manipulatives that improves kids’ conceptual understanding of fractions

• Part-whole partitioning
• Numerator / Denominator notation
• Equivalent fractions
• Fraction multiplication
• Finding the common denominator
• Fractions bigger than 1

Slice Fractions 2 is based on the following Common Core concepts: (2.G.A.2) (2.G.A.3) (3.NF.A.1) (3.NF.A.3) (4.NF.A.1) (4.NF.B.3) (4.NF.B.4) (5.NF.A.1) (5.NF.B.3).

Slice Fractions and Slice Fractions 2 are complementary and cover different learning concepts inspired by the Common Core. No preliminary knowledge of fractions is required.
For the complete learning experience get the Slice Fractions Bundle.

We produce fun and pedagogically sound video games. We strive to ensure that these games are intuitive and will lead to profound conceptual learning. We believe we can push the limits of game-based learning.

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