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Tangible Play - Osmo Numbers  artwork Osmo Numbers
Tangible Play
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 17, 2015

Add, count & multiply tiles to pop the number bubbles. Popping enough will free 
fish & unleash a lightning storm! Learn to be the numbers master.

**One of 2016’s most intuitive product designs.**
– Fast Company Award

"…once again, Osmo has built something wonderfully creative and interactive."
– Venture Beat

"Osmo Numbers takes the fear out of figures."
– Forbes

"…revamp the unimaginative worksheets educators use to teach math"
– TechCrunch

When kids understand there are many ways to solve a problem, math becomes creative & fun. By having no wrong answers, we replace fear of math with an explorative mindset.

Your kids will play in this beautiful engaging underwater world for ages, collecting over 90 fish of all kinds, from Rainbow to Frankenfish!

*Requires the Osmo Base and Numbers tiles, found at

About Osmo
Osmo is using the screen to create a new healthy, hands-on learning experience that promotes creativity, problem-solving and social interaction. We do this with our reflective artificial intelligent technology.

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